Follow up

Why is this urgent care clinic

calling me back at 8pm

when my test results were negative?

And me, with my missing tooth

and sweatpants,

exhausted after having been

treated like shit?


He says, “Miss Park,

It seems like you’ve had a bad experience

but surely you didn’t mean to give your doctor

a one star rating?”


But actually, I did

so I describe the visit

a result for a pregnancy test

should not take 40 minutes

while i’m waiting with my boyfriend

you can’t imagine how awkward it is


And after all that, and my far missed period

the doctor was brisk.


So, then, I have to wonder

why at 9:00 at night

is the doctor calling?


it’s to apologize.


“Oh, and when did you say

your last period was?

Well, my god, that is alarming.

I’m so sorry, I was busy,

but I’m here now-

do you have any questions?”


“Yes, thank you so much

for calling. Doctor, really,

I have a lot of them.

And did I mention

how alarmed I was

to see the clinic calling?”

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