Anxiety Group: Meeting 1

“Hi, is this the anxiety group?”


“Yes! Come on in, welcome!”


“It used to be the chronic pain group.”


“Yes, but we had to cancel that due to low attendance.

You know, when people are dealing

with chronic pain

it’s hard for them to get out of their houses.”


“Whereas people with anxiety are sort of restless?”


“That’s the tendency.”


“Well. I’m francis.”


“Do you want to tell us a little about yourself?”


“No.” I no longer want to tell them

that men make me uncomfortable

because I am now

sitting right next to one.


“Hi,” he says, “I’m David

and i have anxiety and post traumatic stress.

i feel most uncomfortable,

well, I guess, I feel threatened

by men.”


I’m surprised. I smile at him.


“I feel uncomfortable around men, too

but I wasn’t going to say it in front of you!”


“Oh! Would you like me

to move away?”


“No, that’s ok, but thanks.”


Group was good today.



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