From Long Walks to Teeth Loss

It was after we had sex for the second time

that I woke up with a startling revelation;

just, that we had done it

(the first time didn’t count

since i didnt remember anything)


so I did what we all do

when faced with a problem

I took a long walk

and contemplated it

I came up with what i thought

was an unconventional solution

I decided to make you into my boyfriend


Instead of telling you

about this new development

i just kissed you the information

and expected you to get it.

You didn’t.

you said, “Woah, what is this?

Did you want to have sex again?”

“No,” I said, “I’m just kissing my boyfriend.”

You said nothing, but

“Well…we’re in public.

maybe you should stop it.”


Then, you must have

taken a long walk

and decided to step up

You offered to bring me

to the mountains

and I said yes,

because it was a couple-y thing

but then i panicked

and became combative


I insisted on the beach instead

at the last minute

and threw quite a fit over it

You said, “I don’t have a bathing suit

I wasn’t expecting this.”

I said, “It’s the beach

or nothing.”


and you came

with two bath towels

attired in shorts, a t-shirt

and sneakers

the baseball cap

was to make up

for the lack of sunscreen


we laid out.

I said, “I was expecting

more of a problem.

I think that’s why I insisted”

You said, “The reason I asked you

to the mountains

was not because I loved them

you’re here with me now

and this is what I planned.”


8 thoughts on “From Long Walks to Teeth Loss

      1. Thank you!..I almost thought this was spam for a minute, that’s how much I doubted it was a genuine compliment lol. I appreciate it, thanks for reading!

      2. I used to get spammed a lot on my old blog but it was really obvious…It would always be vague or oddly specific like this is a very interesting business idea id like to hear more!

      3. I guess I just didnt have a lot of faith in that poem and didn’t believe someone liked it at first

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