Cloves of Garlic

I rinsed my mouth for the dentist,

who i like better than my surgeon

(you can tell i hate my surgeon

because ill eat whole cloves of garlic

right before i see him)



I rinsed my mouth

And shards of bone

came pouring out


I asked my dentist

“What the fuck is this?”

and he said

that’s the bone graft

being rejected.


It hadn’t occured to me

before the surgery

to ask whose bones

i was getting

It was only once they were

glimmering in my hand

I had to ask


The dentist said

they were synthetic;

manufactured in the lab

but i didn’t believe him


now that ive seen them

i know

these are the bones

of patients who have died

via medical malpractice

they are buried

in the mouths

of the current patients


You can tell

I want to leave this  hospital

and never come back

but i cant yet





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