Reading in Boston tonight! Like my page for more events:

This is my first reading in quite some time and I will be distributing free copies of my chapbook by Pen and Anvil press; hope to see some of you there! I will be joined by…

Vietnam veteran, former VFP coordinator, troubadour extraordinaire, songwriter and singer, mad monk banjo player in the tradition of Pete Seeger and Dock Boggs, and avid golfer Pat Scanlon. Pat is the songwriter of the VFP “National Anthem” Extremists For Peace. And…

Susan McLucas is a long-time peace and human rights activist. She has organized around the Kennedy assassination, drone warfare, whistle blowers (Chelsea Manning and Reality Winner) and Guantanamo and is a member of the Committee for Peace and Human Rights that holds the Saturday vigils at Park Street Station. She also has a project in Mali to stop female genital mutilation. For work, she runs the Bicycle Riding School in Davis Square, where, over the years she’s taught about 4,000 kids and adults to ride bicycles



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