I can’t read like that

I”m sorry that I can’t write a poem for the eulogy

or for memorial day, for the veterans

I’m sorry that I don’t want to speak

I wrote the obituary


I’m sorry that I can’t ground

like the pistons unravelling

from the brake pad under my feet

that made a sound like

they were hitting the gravel

two weeks ago,

I’m sorry I didn’t pay attention then

and took my life into my hands

so says the mechanic

who I crashed into

at five miles per hour


I’m sorry that your birthday party

is giving me a nervous breakdown

and making me sad

I’m sorry that I won’t attend


I’m sorry that the group therapy

isn’t working; but they told me

multiple times

not to apologize for them





18 thoughts on “I can’t read like that

    1. ❀ im writing an obituary awesome, not reading a eulogy awesome, and im ok with that-its like the difference between being book smart and street smart, i think we both prefer books! Thank you

  1. I wanted to speak at my Dad’s funeral, but other people did too and there wasn’t time for me to do so. I was bitter, pissed off about it, but I could no more speak up than speak out in front of all those people. So I wrote about him HERE instead and read it aloud to myself. Some of us are public speakers and some of us are not…but that’s ok, I’ve realised. ❀’s to you.

    1. I’m sorry you didn’t get the chance…it sounds like people maybe people who you didn’t feel comfortable speaking up to wouldn’t be the best audience anyways. Love the spooky name! I’m from salem, ma, I’m all about spooky πŸ™‚

      1. Thanks. The Spooky thing is a long story, possibly not what you’d imagine. haha. I realised afterwards, that what I wanted to say about my dad, was personal anyhow. I am glad that I didn’t write or read anything that day. I was needed elsewhere, as it turned out. Your writing’s great, btw.

      2. I totally get that-i am embracing the value of introversion, privacy, and the validation of my own feelings through therapy-I’m glad you enjoy my writing, and flattered ❀

      3. Haha. Are you sure you’re ready for the sheer underwhelming disappointment?

        I used to chat in chatrooms (addicted actually) and chatted privately to one guy a LOT. We were good mates but his partner didn’t understand the whole thing and so he disappeared for years (3 actually). On his return, we resumed chatting and I reminded him of something he’d said 3 years before. He said: What are you, some kind of Spooky Memory Witch??

        Ta daaaaa. Told you so! lol

      4. Yay! I was horribly addicted. My family (true story) actually had an intervention. I’m all better now – this was years ago – but as I type, my arse has gone to sleep cos I’ve been here so damned long. I’m working in 2 hours and I’m still in my jammies. FFS.

      5. I had a real problem with sims…these days i work on the computer 8 hours a day then do volunteer gigs online (editing, compiling, putting together my next book) in my off hours. i miss exercise, but this is my life right now

      6. You do what you have to do, doncha? This is the longest I’ve been online in a while. I actually read a blog of yours last night, one that Kindra had shared from A Global Divergent Literary Collective. Across the Street…but I don’t follow the group and can’t find it on your blog to comment. It was so, so good. I wanted to tell you. (Also I’m a massive fan of Diane Arbus and you used one of her iconic photos).

      7. OH right im supposed to share that on my blog thank you for the reminder! πŸ™‚

    1. lol ok..two years of writing in my blog and this month ive started trying to expand..im clumsy at it

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