What you don’t Know won’t Hurt you

I won’t be attending your funeral

or sharing the costs

and I don’t care if that shocks people

I am past the point of caring

about the opinions of those who don’t know me

and you, my dear, are past the point

of caring about anything

15 thoughts on “What you don’t Know won’t Hurt you

  1. Beautifully written. I love reading post like this, you have a talent and I am glad that you shared your thoughts with us here in WordPress. I am Ragazza, I hope yu could also follow my blog page. Thank you so much. 🙂

      1. Great, I think! over 400 followers and they are people who actually seem to follow my stuff and engage with it. I have made some wonderful friends and connections. Of course, some people have 45,000 followers, but I’m doing ok. Currently growing my following on facebook-please like my page if you get a chance, facebook.com/georgiaparkpoet How is yours going?

      2. I am doing pretty well. I am currently brewing a special activity for newbie and current bloggers, I am having fun. Sure, I will definitely follow your blog and your FB page as well. 🙂

      3. Actually it looks like you could give me some tips 🙂 you are twice as popular!

    1. You know, it took me a long time to get to this point and I’m really happy I’m here. Fuck shame and fuck obligations. I feel justified in my actions and that’s enough. Thanks 🙂

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