6 thoughts on “You can ruin anything

    1. ugh, he wasnt even going to propose! He was just going to take me to a super romantic personal spot and “give me a ring” as in (I later found out) NOT AN ENGAGEMENT RING BUT A REGULAR RING, PERHAPS A THUMB OR PINKY RING. feels more like april fools than my birthday, but whatever, i do have to laugh. angrily. I have to laugh angrily, like a villain.

      1. Like…Muhahahahahaha?
        My husband and I split up when we’d been together for a while. We were apart for only a few months and were both delighted to get back together. He called me one day and told me he had a surprise to give me when we met up later. I spent the whole friggin day excited as fuck, wondering if he’d gotten me a ring or something. I’m not that kind of girl really, I don’t give a shit about great romantic gestures or expensive jewellery but I was massively underwhelmed by the radio alarm clock he’d bought me. Ffs!

      2. lol thank you for sharing this horrific story- i didnt think i was that kind of girl either

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