“I love you, but I think we want different things from life. Can we just be friends?”

No, no, I can’t say that. I bite my tongue and say nothing.  He leaves a gift outside my door, it’s the book I wanted. I curl up, alone, and read it before reporting to work in the morning.  Eight hours at the screen and then a boyfriend who is never ready for anything. All of it is better than nothing.

I know. I’ve seen the dark edges of nothing before, and I have a tendency to tug at them. I quit the job and break up the relationship. The whole thing unravels, including me.

Last time it happened, I adopted a puppy. I tell people, if it weren’t for him, Id be in Saudi Arabia. They say, well, thank god for him, then. They don’t understand. If it weren’t for him, alot of things.


I won’t say I regret it-he’s my best friend-I just wish i could get further than where i am.

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  1. I understand, a lot more than you’d believe. Never again would I settle for someone who doesn’t want the same things out of life that I do or for someone who’d consider buying me a radio alarm clock as a surprise gift. Some would say “better late than never”, but not me. I have so many stories… don’t be me, Georgia.

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