Real Talk

“I was on the fence about proposing, but I thought a ring would make you happy on your birthday. I figured I’d just sort of decide in the moment.”

This is an actual quote. I did not ask for this. For my birthday, all i asked from my boyfriend was for a very particular book, the new one by David Sedaris, and maybe to go camping. I didn’t ask for a ring, and then for that ring to be revoked.

But, you know, here we are, discussing why, ultimately, he will not propose to me. But still wants to keep dating.

I accused him of not having plans for my 30th birthday, because he was refusing to go camping. I said I really wanted to go camping, just for one night. I won a tent at work. He said he did have a plan; he had gotten me a ring. He said he was going to bring me to a fancy dinner overlooking the water and give me a ring on the beach where we first decided to start dating, over a year ago.

So, I thought it was a proposal. Wouldn’t you? Only after alerting my friends did it occur to me to double check: “This is a proposal right?” “Oh, no, it’s just a ring, because I’m honestly on the fence.”

Happy fucking birthday. I didnt ask for this. I wanted a fucking book. It’s supposed to be a really good book, too.

4 thoughts on “Real Talk

  1. Why can’t people just listen to what you’re hinting broadly about…ffs! I’m so sorry this happened. My 30th Birthday was…not what I expected either, but at least I got the cd I wanted (and a baby). For his birthday you should buy the book and go camping with friends. He don’t appreciate you enough, Georgia. It’s like he’s punishing you. My best mate takes away her son’s X Box sometimes. It’s a bit like that really…

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