Welcome to my Birthday

Imagine it’s your birthday and you’re just sitting there, minding your business, and thinking about what kind of cake to get. A stranger approaches you and says “I could love you, you know” and you say “Oh yeah?” and start thinking, oh shit, forget the cake, this is going to be a REALLY happy birthday.
But then the stranger says, “Eh, you know what, i was wrong, forget it,”
Obviously, this brings up a few questions. 1. “WHY? Why in the first place did you even bring it up???? I was just sitting here thinking about birthday cake, i didnt ask for this!” and 2. “Well, wait a minute, why NOT??”
Welcome to my birthday. I am turning 30. You may hold your applause until something better happens.

4 thoughts on “Welcome to my Birthday

  1. I read this one last…but what I said in the other one stands. And I forgot to wish you a Happy Birthday. Happy Birthday Love x

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