Don’t talk about her like that

rumor got around to me

that he had dated her and she

drove him to drink. that she was reckless

and terrible in bed and wildly, insanely

depressed and negative. Some of the men

I’ve dated could say the same about me.

But the ones I really loved are waiting

outside my door to get back in. Now, I

never liked this chick. But I have to admit

that maybe she didn’t like me either

and it sounds like she didn’t like him.

Maybe, in the right sort of light,

she is dazzling. Or, you know,

maybe by now, at least

she’s managed to get

herself on medication.


I heard, “He found someone

new. He’s happier.” I said,

“Good. maybe she is, too.

Maybe she got older and matured

maybe she even found someone

who could help her.” in any case,

he sounds like a real jerk.


Save the Date 8/25/18

51-+0T8qn4L._SL500_AA130_ <—-My actual veil


When we were eighteen we promised

that if no one married us by the time we were thirty

we’d just marry ourselves in a double ceremony


She called me recently and said, Ok,

now write your vows.

I’m sending the invitations out,

I’ll see you at David’s Bridal.

I smiled and agreed,

hung up the phone,

and bawled.