Free feedback, no reciprocation required

I give feedback, i read manuscripts

all the while thinking

one negative comment

could lead to a thoughtful

reflection on where

the reader is coming from

that is to say, me


i wait to hear

yes, ill consider it. by the way,

how is your relationship going

with that boyfriend you broke up with?

how is the career

you jumpstarted that is

already dying, or

that book you’ve advertised

as forthcoming-you know,

the one you haven’t written?

How is that coming?

and how does it feel to turn thirty

and truly have nothing?


I wait to hear,

maybe you should work on

those things, my dear

where are those


6 thoughts on “Free feedback, no reciprocation required

    1. its so insecure and almost never true, but im really glad to know im not alone in experiencing these fearful, negative thoughts…like who the hell am i to tell you anything

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