Crumpled up biographies

How many times will I reject my life and reinvent it?

every time i get a poem published,

the biography is completely different

I went from having a roommate

to having a boyfriend

to having nothing


and through at least

four or five occupations


Georgia is a poet, and a report editor.

Georgia is a poet, and an arborist.

Georgia is a poet, and a child psychologist.

Georgia is a poet, and a waitress.

and then, finally, it will be

Georgia is a poet, and she is homeless.


19 thoughts on “Crumpled up biographies

  1. I get this, because I’ve lived this. You’re in crisis because you’re a discontented creative and fuck, unless you find THE thing when you’re 12 or something, you spend your life wondering about something better. My story’s too long and this is your blog, but I’m an Artist…and a checkout girl – and only one of them pays the bills. I’m 54 this year. I have 3 kids and apart from the shitty house I nearly half own, I have nothing to leave them except my experienced advice. They won’t take it because they want to do things their way, so I don’t give it. But if they did want it, I’d tell them to not be like me. Find a job you love and do it well forever. Age is fuckall. Don’t dwell on age unless it’s to realise what an amazing age 30 is! The prime of life. Try and love yourself before you ask anyone else to love you. I know this sounds like lame advice you’ve heard a million times, but it’s true. If you must have a significant other, don’t settle for someone who doesn’t think you’re fucking amazing. I’m not talking adulation or creepy stalker here – just someone who gets you and doesn’t want to change. Don’t change. Don’t stop writing. You are unique, even if you don’t think that’s a good thing. Embrace your uniqueness, and (look around you), some people would DIE to be as special as you are. X ps Sorry, but I can see special. Don’t end up like me, dissatisfied and 50+.

    1. How did i not get this notification RIGHT AWAY?! There must be some formula for the perfect comment, and you nailed it-I don’t know if I agree with you, some brilliant poet friends of mine work at grocery stores and it has enabled them to do amazing things-but you know, my rent is so freaking expensive and i dont have a fallback if i took time off-thats what i really want-im applying to MFAs next year to buy myself a year to write and if that doesnt pan out, i think ill teach abroad again-not having time to write is frustrating-anyways look at me, like you, going on-we could be sisters. i love your long winded comments and i love learning about you ❤ you always cheer me up, and even though my poetry is founded on feeling miserable, it HELPS xoxo

      1. Thank you, Georgia. My longwindedness is not everyone’s cup of tea haha. I’ve been on the checkout for 21+ years and I don’t hate it, cos like your friends, I’ve been able to pursue other things because it pays the bills – but nothing’s really changed, careerwise in all that time. I’m assuming your friends are young, like you. I didn’t think I’d still be doing this. I have 2 book covers published because of Kindra and I LOVE that, and her, for trusting in me. We’re about to publish the 3rd. It thrills me everytime I think of it and I can finally see a future, and a career I love too. I think that because of my age and how unsuccessful I’ve been, I don’t want to see anyone else wasting their talents, especially someone who has talent in bunches. X

      2. I really don’t know. You should definitely ask Kindra as she’s the writer. I’m just the cover artist. Haha. X

      3. There’s no such thing as “just” the cover artist-that is huge! I just ordered one of Kindra’s books, can’t wait to see what you two cooked up ❤

  2. Oh my god, I don’t even know what to say. I feel you so much… the insecurity… the pain… the need to justify and believe in yourself when no one else will… this made me cry.
    You have macabre talent, woman, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. ❤

    1. Thank you for your support-it seems you always pipe up and tell me to keep going when i am about to give up-you dont know how much i appreciate that

  3. You should not define who you are, based off of your occupation, what you do, or who you love, instead, the definition of you should be based off of, just you, in terms of, nobody else around you.

    1. This is true-none of that stuff should have been in my biography anyways-thank yopu-what’s your biography?

  4. How can I “like” this when it makes me so sad and worried?!!! To be a homeless poet is an awful thing… I want the universe to make you wealthy. Maybe a singer with a beautiful voice will make a hit song out of one of your poems, and pay you lots in royalties, and you can be a poet in leisure.

      1. Instead of “likes”, maybe I should be sending you money…. How can I sit here and enjoy your poetry, knowing that it comes from a place of such unhappiness. I might as well be enjoying your unhappiness… I dunno. Maybe I’m missing some important point. If I buy one of your poetry books, will it help? Can I buy one directly from you?

      2. That is so sweet-don’t worry about me…I’m a good three steps ahead of being homeless, just fantasizing about quitting my job.
        If you DO want to buy my book, ironically titled Quit your job and Become a Poet (Out of Spite), you can facebook me the money and I’ll send it out on Saturday-it’s on Lulu, but they charge more than the book for shipping-i won’t charge shipping at all, $10.00 for the whole thing, and I’ll sign it for you :-). message me @
        I need to set up a better system, been a bit low lately, as you can see, but don’t feel too bad, i am, for all intensive purposes, doin all right ❤ Thank you for your kind heart

      3. Miss Georgia, I will email you directly with the email that’s attached to your account (I don’t have facebook). I wonder if I could send you payment by paypal…

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