Poem by Georgia Park

A poem published in Oddball Magazine today!

oddball magazine


Jello Mold

You suspend us in jello
with your hands up making gestures
in the moment before
I thought they’d reach out to me
and they haven’t-
I am still listening
and everything tastes like
cool and pleasing on all of my skin
but sometimes you give me the side eye
in this moment
you jiggle your arm
and the boobs tattoo with it
because you know it makes me
and the whole setting shifts,
you brush against me
before you straighten up again
and fill the landslid opening
with whipped cream
resuming your stance
I can taste
this happening


Poet Georgia Park is a contributing editor of Sudden Denouement, founder and editor-in-chief of Whisper and the Roar, and author of Quit Your Job and Become a Poet (Out of Spite). She has been published in several literary magazines and presses, most recently, Pen and Anvil…

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The Stilted Phone Call

“All right, well I’m just gonna go.”
“No, I really want to cheer you up, Georgia.”

I indulge in a deep sigh, before figuring

oh, what the hell. “Ok,” I offer, “Go.”

“Oh,” he said, “I didn’t really have

anything planned as far as right now.”

“You’re kidding. Not even a knock knock joke?”

“I’m sorry. Did I mention that I’m extremely drunk?

Let me cheer you up Wednesday, with some alcohol

and some well timed anecdotes.”

“Fine,” I sigh, “I’ll put it on my calender

and set an alarm, and just wait here in bed

till you re-discover your charms.”

What’s crueler?

what’s crueler than a dozen yeses leading to a no

or the sweeter version of vice versa

so many people wait for

is the maybe that draws out the exhaustion

the sigh from fading lipsticked lips


Like trick birthday candles, when

you’re sure all hope has been extinguished

only to be met by re ignition

and this has gone on for weeks on end.

But tomorrow is the last day, I promise

that I’ll wait for my phone to ring