The Hard Hitting Questions

“Why are you only now seeking medication

at the age of 30, after all your years of therapy?

“I’m pretty hardcore against drugs.”

“It says here that you’ve also had a drug problem?”

“Yes, well, I’m against them in theory.”

“Can we talk about the person who stabbed you?”

“No, I thought we were here to talk about me.”

“You mentioned some post traumatic stress.”

“Yeah, i had it once when i was 16, and once in my 20s,

but the symptoms have gotten better recently.”

“What kinds of traumas were these?”

“I don’t see how that’s relevant.

We’re talking about my symptoms.”

“It says here that you were pregnant

and that it ended badly.” “Excuse me?

Where in my file does it say that?

I’m going to need you to show me.

Was it Jamison, she’s talking shit about me?

Or do you just have access to everything,

medical, school records, my birth certificate?

How is this relevant to my psychiatry?

All it should say is that I used to have

bad dreams and not be able to sleep.”

13 thoughts on “The Hard Hitting Questions

  1. Some doctors don’t know shit about mental health. Some of them don’t listen. Some counsellors are in it for the gossip (it feels like). It can take years to find the right meds/doctor/counsellor.

    1. Yes. This psychiatrist is only going to see me once to prescribe meds. The type of trauma doesn’t matter. And if I decline to share, leave me with my dignity. Ugh. I hope you be had better luck. I’ve had a few good breaks but some really bad experiences as well

      1. I had years of that shit, but I finally got well enough to help myself. It’s 10 years since I’ve been off meds. My boy’s still in the shitstorm. He has trauma induced seizures but they won’t do anything about it besides dole out anti-anxiety drugs – to a recovering addict. How can you cry for help if you don’t even know what’s caused it all? So many of them don’t actually listen in the first place.

        Sorry, Georgia. Sorry for blogdicking all over your comments lol. X

      2. Btw, I also had one counsellor who listened to me. More than that, she believed me and encouraged me to love myself. I’m eternally grateful to that one woman.

      3. Me too…back in middle school. All it takes is one to ruin your standard forever! I got to a point also where I told my story so many timed that I really needed so much more than just a good listener-i needed solutions. Have gotten better, but not cured

      4. haha blogdick away, my sweet. I love hearing from you-it always alleviates whatever made me write the poem in the first place-thats a good thing-

      5. That’s great! It’s good to share even if the subject’s shit. I love your posts, whatever the subject matter. X

  2. I have so much love for this piece and you, Georgia ❤ We are always told 'try living in the now' but it is hard when every professional is caught up in our own pre-history.

    1. Thank you! ❤ im sorry and also selfishly glad you can relate-thats exactly it- so frustrating ❤ ❤ ❤

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