I don’t feel like going to the pharmacy

to pick up my antidepressants

I feel like staying home and playing dead

I wonder if I can substitute tonight’s dosage

with that red bull I think I still have in the fridge


6 thoughts on “Substitution

  1. I’ve struggled much with ADs in the past. I hope you’ve been given the right kind and it matches your body chemistry, otherwise it can become a tortuous affair.
    I also hope you improve and heal, the pain and shame of mental illness can be suffocating.

    I don’t believe in much, but as a dysthimic, I’m bound to believe I can get better, and I did eventually, or during periods of time. Poetry can be effusive, and helped me a great deal, maybe it can do the same for you.
    Thank you for the exposition, I know it is hard, and takes a great deal of courage. And might you need my assistance someday, feel free to request it.

    With endless support,

    1. Thank you so much for this thoughtful message and your support, Johnny-and thank you for reading some of my endless expositions-so far its going ok with the ADs i may have struck gold, but don’t worry, i will keep an eye on it

    1. I’m ok, Megha, I think I will always have some days where it’s hard to get out of bed. But lately, I am having more good ones as well. It’s nice to have friends like you

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