When She Smiles

I hold her hand during our whole home screening

of Thelma and Louise, which is a 2 hour movie

that I’ve been promising to watch with her for 8 years running

she walks me to my car afterwards and I say,

“Jesus, Erin, I’m glad we never got into trouble like that.”

she says, “Yeah,” hugs me, and then spins around

with a glint in her eye and some longing, and says,

“But don’t you think, if we traded places with them,

we could’ve done the same thing?”

“Yeah, totally. That’s why it scares me! Good night,”

She spins back around, twice, and this time, she’s smiling

4 thoughts on “When She Smiles

  1. My best friends and I say “let’s do a road trip.”

    “You know…like Thelma and Louise. But without the rape and the murder…and the running off the cliff bit.”

    I loved this.

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