What a dream

Oh man, what a dream, what a dream!

i had a nightmare

that you didn’t love me anymore

and I woke up screaming


6 thoughts on “What a dream

  1. This gave me shivers, Georgia.

    I seldom dream, but I’ve had some humdingers that have woken me up. Slightly different I know, but I once woke up crying because I realised that I didn’t love someone anymore. True story!

      1. I dreamt it was over with that person. I had to finish it in real life because it was the truth. I didn’t love him anymore.

      2. Well i hope my dream wasnt based in reality, especially because i was also amputated in it!

  2. I really hardly ever dream. I guess I think deeply about stuff in my sleep or whatever. I’m so intolerant though. When other people try and analyse their own dreams (or worse than that…mine!) I switch off completely, start singing Radiohead songs in my head or something. I love YOUR dream story though. Ps. I hope your dream doesn’t come true x

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