“You know, I’ll be a dead white male too someday!”

Its nice to know that if our friendship ever ends

It’ll only be over a disagreement

About Ted Hughes, T.S. Eliot,

Or any number of dead, white men


9 thoughts on ““You know, I’ll be a dead white male too someday!”

      1. No it’s not!I just had a fight about dead white men today! but im not going to let it end the friendship..when i was very young i had a friendship end over heath ledger! Lesson learned!

  1. I have very few relationships/friendships that are constant debates, but I once got into a fight on MySpace ’cause I was defending a dead white woman. I had a whole group of bigoted, homophobic arseholes against me – and as a massively non-confrontational person, I blocked all the fuckers and that was that.

    But I wouldn’t do that to friends. I also wouldn’t be afraid to disagree with them either.

    Really loving your titles today.

    1. Thanks for the title specific compliment! Yes, I am laden with anxiety and so extremely non confrontational. Sometimes I want to comment/troll on a particularly ignorant post online and I feel like I have to hold my own hand back, because although I love being a smartass, I can’t take the heat. I’m lucky the friendship that inspired this poem can handle a little heated debate! We are capable of agreeing to disagree at the end of the day-that is a nice rarity for me.

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