Airport Embrace

So, I didn’t get the job I wanted

and things will largely remain the way they are

except for that you’re leaving

and all I can do is offer to wait with you at the airport


and remember us, when we were young

and remember her

at the airport, when i was leaving

and i couldn’t air my grievances,

so I made petty complaints

about how the sandwich was soggy,

about the lack of a longer embrace

until she said, “Well, wait a minute,

don’t you want to say goodbye to me?

Shouldn’t we make a moment out of this?”

and i laid my head on her chest again

but this time, i cried deeply

and then when i left, alone in my seat

i didn’t cry again, i looked out

at the sky, the clouds beneath

and decided to feel nothing


Which marked a change in me

when i arrived, when i arrived

From then on, i dont remember a thing

8 thoughts on “Airport Embrace

  1. This was really touching. There’s something about airport goodbyes, whatever the story is, that makes me really bloody emotional. ❤

      1. Definitely watching someone leave. If I’m the one leaving I’m only emotional when I’m saying goodbye to whoever, then I just feel excited for a while.

      2. depending on where youre going!! When I went back to the states to start a new life, jeez, i wasnt excited, I was scared! (But I’m glad I’m here now)

      3. Must just be me then. I’ve never had a problem leaving but then, I’ve never left for good. My eldest went off to NZ on her own when she was 21 and called us from London having an anxiety attack cos she didn’t know where the right Terminal was. She was ok after that, but I have NEVER cried so much as I did hearing her so distressed. She came home early in the end. Missed the people, not the place.

      4. Where did you go? Where were you before you had to go back to the States? I feel like I know this already but I’ve forgotten x

      5. south korea, taught there for three years and went home alone to start a new life- was really hoping i could stay with my best friend/move on with her, but thats life, and mines working out ok by now

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