Do you want to know

how to find the perfect boyfriend?

You have to recruit him young

and teach him yourself the difference

between right and wrong and treat him

with several small slaps on the wrist

for all the minor offenses and larger ones

on the ass, as needed, until he is reformed


9 thoughts on “Reform

      1. Well, a little wuppin’ from an attractive (possibly older) woman can be a very healthy thing for some men… 😉
        Also, cheek is one of the most endearing features of a woman. (Taliban notwithstanding)

  1. Anyways, your poems always leave me thinking…. It’s great poetry.
    As for myself, this poem made me wonder whether it’s just me (or other mothers too) — but, whether we raise our sons (those of us who have sons) to be a “perfect” boyfriend, and in the end, who it is for. Is that TMI into my personal thoughts? 🙂

    1. Not at all! I love peering into your mind- This article is great, How to Raise a Sweet Boy in the Era of Angry Men.
      Of course, perfect is a strong word, but I am concerned about all the toxic masculinity in our culture. If I had a son, or ever do (god willing), I would definitely prioritize treating others with respect, especially women, especially partners, especially the downtrodden.

      1. I do have one! Despite some of my angrier poems, i am lucky-he’s very sweet, and young, and almost out of boyfriend training. *Almost*

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