A shattered belief

I think of the man who shot off half his face

and approached his neighbor’s door, and rang the bell

how she called the police and reported

there was an honest-to-god monster lurking around

and how, because of that, he was unable to get help


when i think of the fact that when i screamed out

as i was dozing in a room full of people

nobody attempted to release me from my prison

they all just listened, completely terrified

of the noises I was making

i think of that as i lay awake

finding that i no longer believe

it’s safe to sleep

3 thoughts on “A shattered belief

  1. This, is how we all feel trapped, in a world, full of people, and based off of the bystander effect and the diffusion of responsibility, people are less likely to help someone in need, when there are others around them, it’s really, very sad…

    1. For a quick fix, watch What would you do? A hidden camera show about people standing up for what’s right when they see something wrong….it’s on youtube and hulu-its a feel good show and it really makes me feel better ❤

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