The Pros and Cons of Being This Heavily Medicated

With humans being predators

and the females of the species

doubling as prey

our brains are hard wired

to scan for faces

I used to see his every day


In the grains of the forest

cut down in pieces, sawed into halves

and sanded to make up our living room table

and in the beer puddles, which to me

looked rainbow  but don’t anymore


now that my diet consists

of white, chalky skittles

and i am marshmallowed

to the teeth, i don’t see

the faces like I used to

mostly i just fall asleep


I do remember just one tree

I’d carved some initials into

with a knife i don’t feel the need

to carry around anymore

but i can’t remember the names

and i don’t think they’d come to me again


even without the medication

because it wasn’t a face

all i could manage

to create at that time was

a scraggly little heart shape



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