REVISED: My Neighbor Diagnoses Me (It’s always either Demons or PTSD)

My neighbor asks if he can paint my portrait

then he says, “I’ve been meaning to ask you

Did you ever worship the devil, or make

some kind of deal with him?” There is

a long silence which I try, unsuccessfully, to laugh off

“Why, because you think I’m so charming

and funny and smart all at once

I must’ve made a deal for it?”

“No, its just…Look, I think you’re a good person

but I think there’s something…” He gestures into the wind

“Something wants you, baby,” I’ve heard this before

I say, “Yeah, I have post traumatic stress disorder.”

He says, “That makes sense. Look, when you see me

sitting out on the stoop, and you scream, you don’t have

to be so frightened. I know you’re not scared of me

and nothing was behind you. If something’s chasing you

I wish you would stop running from it.

And that’s it

but if you did ever worship the devil

I think it’s time you stopped it.”

and  i have to admit, i get a little sick

because if any of this was my choice

you have to know, i wouldn’t do it



6 thoughts on “REVISED: My Neighbor Diagnoses Me (It’s always either Demons or PTSD)

      1. ❤ ❤ ❤ my longest standing reader ❤ ❤ ❤ I appreciate you to no end. I very clearly remember you being by my side during some of the worst times and i credit you in part with my continuation of writing–your support means the world to me

      2. I’m honoured to hear that GG. I try not to miss anything you write. It’s been a truly amazing and enlightening journey. I wouldn’t have missed it for anything. You’ve given me a new perspective and I cherish you for it 🙏❤️ don’t you ever stop. Your voice can change people for the better

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