The life cycle of insects

everyone go back inside your houses

so i can freely roam the cobblestones

and somersault out to the lighthouses

and dip my toes in to the crashing

without your filthy eyes

grazing my body

your unwanted fingertips

reaching for my puppy


i wanted to set up my umbrella

and feel the sunrays scattering

maybe a caterpillar rustling through

the leaves, it’s supposed to be september

and i like those little creatures

because theyre fuzzier

than any of my blankets


but barring that

i guess ill just stay

inside my apartment

admittedly, i haven’t timed

the life cycles of  insects

it could be

summer or spring

and actually

i was just supposed

to get some sleep

so i clutch my teddy bear

to my chest even as my dog

is pulling at my sleeve

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