My Acceptance Speech (thank you for accepting me)

“So, explain to me what it’s like, this PTSD

because most of the time, you act all right

but just last week, the things you were saying

didn’t make sense, and you were really jumpy.”

“Yeah. Most of the time, I’m fine

but if I feel threatened, it’s like I stop

being able to see clearly. It feels like running

from a life or death situation. Like a spy movie.

and the things that set it off range from

seeing the face of someone from my past

having an argument, watching a movie

having a particularly bad dream, or even

thinking thoughts im not supposed to think.

then, i lose sleep and thats the kicker of it

if i wasn’t insane immediately

just add a couple of fitful nights

and my brain starts


“Well, that’s ok,

forget about it

we all have our ticks

i didn’t mean to bring it up again.

Anyways, would you care for a drink?”

“Yeah, thanks. it’s really reassuring

to admit that i can lose my mind

in an instant, and then to be

invited in, and just continue having

a casual conversation.”

“Mmmm. It’s called friendship.

Anyways, it doesn’t seem to affect you that often.”

“Yeah, not so much anymore.

and you know why? Because I make sure

I don’t see people from my past,

I don’t have arguments, I don’t watch movies

I take sleeping pills and I try not to think.

It’s actually been going pretty great.

Oh, and plus, the other medications.”

“Speaking of which, here’s your drink!”


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