Why did you chase the cat?

“Listen, where I’m from, stray animals

are fair game for pets just so long as

you can catch them and we all had the scars

to prove it but not all of us had the pets

My father was a legend

in his apartment complex for ingeniously

catching a kitten with Kentucky Fried Chicken

instead of milk, which is what all the other poor

lonely saps were trying. From then on, her name was Midnight.”

“Ok, well this isn’t the country.”

“Oh please, and the next thing you’ll be telling me

is to throw out all my garbage with the trash

instead of making barnfires

with the more flammable things.”

“Well, actually…”

“Whatever. Maybe you just don’t get it

or don’t deserve a good country girl like me

who knows a free pet when she sees it.”

“I grew up in the country!”

“Oh really? Did you have to draw your water

from the well and heat it up on the stove

making sure you saved some colder water

so it wouldn’t be scorching and then

filled up a camping bag and hung it up

in the peg in your shower just to get clean?”


“Ok, then. So I guess some tolerance

is in order. And  by the way?

When I was growing up,

I didn’t get cell phone reception, either.

I had to walk uphill in the snow-”

“Both ways?”

“No, shut up, just one

to get internet to chat with my ex

and the tears would freeze to my face.

Do you know how old i was?”


“I was sixteen. and do you know who

i was living with?”


“Not my parents! And do you know what?”


“I would’ve taken any pet I could catch.”

“Ok, you win. You got your rabies shot, now come to bed.”

“I’ll go to bed when I’m good and ready-”


“Yeah, ok.”

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