I saw something

What is a gun when it’s not loaded?

A toy, scrap metal, a poem, an empty threat

or worse, a promise

His face was full of ammunition

years before we met

The same way the dancing spider

who waltzed beneath my desk

on a strobe lit web reminded me

that i wanted to go to France


it’s not only the biscuit reeking of butter

loaded with the Eiffel tower

or century old buildings constructed by

the more dangerous of the sexes

It’s thirty years of connotations

and my losing track of them

I hope I was right when I told him

to to leave and then

withheld communication

when i bought the ticket

to Paris


I didnt want a spider’s web

beneath my desk

a vague, unsettled feeling

the ever present veiled threat

What if instead it was all just

over buttered biscuits?

I thought I could live like that


2 thoughts on “I saw something

    1. This poem started off being about France but then I realized it was actually about when i was younger and went to spain….but im improving my craft-taking a poetry class and reading this book, “The Mind’s Eye, a guide to writing poetry” so trying to use the 5 senses and imagery more ❤ glad you liked it

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