Drain Plug

There are sea monsters and spiky urchins

lurking just beneath the glass

when i look in the mirror

and you’re not standing behind me

im not impressed

and i am afraid of so many

more things than that


the water runs black with purple lipstick

thickly smudged eyeliner, fish

and several false bullet holes to the neck

my stockings are ripped and lying

just outside my bubble bath


the candles are lit

but the fluorescent lights

shine on and beat me bloody

it’s not just beneath the glass

that I’m afraid of

the monsters pulsate red

and swirl down in circles

without the drain plug in to stop it


and you have my drain plug

either on a keychain or in your wallet

so please come home and stop

these sea monsters from reproducing

I wouldn’t ask, but there are so many now

i almost feel like drowning with them

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