I want to keep my wrist

a cross eyed doctor in the dermatologist’s office

of that super rich, ivy league city i was stuck in

didn’t know what to do with my mess of a wrist

and was clearly guessing when he said

we could remove the scar but we’d have to reset it

it’d be less obvious in a zig zag pattern


women are told to wear make-up, hide their arms

wear black if its slimming enough

otherwise just stay home, eat blueberries

not because theyre wild and delicious

but because theyre famous, just like we could be

if we took advantage of their anti-aging properties


i will not cover my wrists. I dont care if I’m the president

a CEO or a dermatologist. Men have kissed them

women have commiserated

people in professional situations

have decided not to notice and respect me all the same

or maybe they did notice and appraised me for surviving something

or maybe they devalued me but those people

are not the type i want to deal with


i want to keep my wrist

thats not something i couldve said back then

and i am proud of my progression

As a poet, I’d like to say it was about persimmons

or at least, a political statement for women

and against men, or a sensual moment

but that’s not what happened


I was stuck with my mangled wrist

and over the years, i learned to accept it



6 thoughts on “I want to keep my wrist

      1. Really? Taht’s so interesting isn’t it? I mean some of the things I have posted I have felt the same way and they end up being some of the most read etc.
        This is so moving! and you have said so much and I am sure it will speak to many people!
        I really do love it, and I so love that you feel that way. Dont’ change a thing!
        And you are most doubly welcome ❤

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