The women I meet are all so interesting and accomplished. The men, by contrast, are so disappointing.

I am not as thin as some women

that much is for sure, or pretty

or young, but i claim these as advantages

i do not lay awake, disturbed


i am not as smart as some men

who have claimed to want to get to know me

and as it turned out, especially wanted to know

my shortcomings – these harvard graduates


but why should i group my deficiencies

in such a sexist manner? The women

who are smarter than me, more interesting

or more accomplished just make me feel

like I could reach their level by association

and the men who are prettier i just stay away from


because they will blast me against this wall

the prettier, the thinner, the younger

the more in love. Women, they just want

to help me rise above



2 thoughts on “The women I meet are all so interesting and accomplished. The men, by contrast, are so disappointing.

  1. On “INDEED” website I read a comment by a candidate who did not get a job. He’s basically called me a dirty old man for hiring a younger and in his eyes less qualified woman. I made the right choice on merit. The man would have done one job the one we hired him for. The woman has not only received corporate kudos, she has learned five new skills, that allows her to shine. I hired her because of intellect, a willingness to learn and can do attitude. The qualities I want in every new hire.
    Your writing today makes me very sad, people need to treat others as they want to be treated. You are extremely talented, your writing is creative and thought invoking, you are a master storyteller. While you look at others to set goals or be mentored do not sell your self short, you are successful, intelligent and beautifully gifted.
    Sorry this is so long but the world is so naive to what is important. You are brilliant!

    1. Thank you ❤ I do not mind long winded comments. Men can be very entitled-I was recently turned down for a job I was sure I would get-I had all the qualifications for it and I nailed the interview. Still, I do not jump to suspect that anyone else got the position based on affirmative action or looks. My first assumption is that they were the better candidate, and I have no problem with that. Being a good fit for a certain company is a complicated thing.
      Men are definitely prone to some nasty tendencies that are unique to them, but of course, not all are bad. Thank you for your comment, good luck with the new hire!
      Also, I am going to make an effort to write something happier soon, I'm luckily not as sad as my poetry would have you believe.

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