Blood and Leather

when i twirl your beard in my fingertips

i think of you as my magnificent transformer

in my moments of vulnerability you become my mother

then i twist and twirl you back into my friend, my lover


How many pints of snake’s blood i drank, how many candles i lit

how many ropes i twisted, burned, doused with water

and buried in your backyard, how many other ropes

i knotted and slipped beneath your mattress


to make you this. but then, maybe i dont give you

enough credit. i like to think you were always magnificent

that you would’ve taken me in any condition.

i just couldnt know for sure that i would get what i needed

so i used magic and did a conjuring last october

red leather, yellow leather, i did voice exercises

i sang, i chanted-


and you are still sweetening this september

like apple cider donuts, pumpkin spiced anything

maple leaves, a crisp night with your arm around my shoulder

it doesn’t taste like blood or leather


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