She Lowers her Veil

She clasps her hands together

as if to make amends during her introduction

and her heels would be clacking in circles

around her cauldron if she was that kind of a woman

but her calloused feet are bare and restless


she has deposited herself into a dress so tight

it trains her legs together-in that way

it is the more modest option should her

solid square hands fly up and clatter

a candle or a pendulum seizing to the floor

she can retrieve it and continue her spell

in an instant. She says the veil between

the spirit world and the living is at it’s thinnest

and lifts her own black veil to invoke the elements


underneath she is all cat eyes with liquid liner

purple lipstick and a quiet mouth hurling wishes

and she uses words like musn’t when she

hands a rope to a child. Soon, her whispers

become ramblings and then into screaming

as she whips around her cauldron and just

as the audience is afraid she’ll fall in

she lowers her veil and thanks them for coming



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