Dear Trump, you should be ashamed of yourself.

“This is a very scary time in our country

where men can just be accused of anything

and it seems like until they’re proven innocent

they’re guilty.”


“President Trump, do you have a message

for the women?”


“Women are doing great.

I have nothing to say to them.”


you have nothing to say

to over half your country

about the fact that this

home of the free

is one of the most dangerous

countries for women


Here’s a hint

just because straight white men

are finally taking a hit

does not mean that minorities

and women are winning






and you know what i hate most

more than half the time im too afraid

to even leave my apartment- most recently

a man told me i can’t have the preference

not to read straight white male poetry

and then he told me to delete

all the poems I’d written

and then I was afraid he had a gun

so i apologized to him

and i just stayed in


But yeah, it’s a very scary time

for men.


6 thoughts on “Dear Trump, you should be ashamed of yourself.

    1. you know, i was talking to a guy on the street once. his guy friend came up and started talking to us-shortly thereafter a woman walked by and the guy friend said something like “all alone tonight, sweetie?” she clearly felt uncomfortable and kept on walking. I should have said something. I was so mad I walked away. I never wanted to see either of them again-to walk on the street alone at night as a woman is a dangerous thing – why make it worse? I used to walk home alone from the bar i was working at in the middle of the night, and it was really scary. Yeah, its bad out there. when i moved back to the USA from south korea people kept asking are you sure you want to go there? Its dangerous, theres guns and its not safe for women….some of the people who said this were american. I stay in at night. I’m sorry youve had similar experiences, but i am here to stand by you

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