Hey, jealousy

My boyfriend was waiting outside my apartment

After my latest night class

And he watched me try to parallel park

In a suspicious way I guess considering the circumstances

I saw him, waved, reversed, and pulled forward again

Then he saw a young, Brazilian man

Exit my passenger’s seat

and walk off in the opposite direction

And my boyfriend started walking away from me

So I followed him at 2 miles per hour

Then he sped up so it was 5 miles an hour

“Hey,” I called, “get in.”

“No” he said, “I think I’d prefer to keep walking.”

“Come on, what’s wrong?”

“Oh, nothing.”

“Huh. Is this about the man who was in my car?”

He stopped. “I don’t know. Maybe ,” he admitted “Who was that?”

“Honey, that was my teaching assistant. I just met him. He lives up the street and he needs a ride home on wednesdays.”

“Oh, well that’s convenient. Ok, well I’m going to go home, see ya.”

“All right.” I said and kept on driving.

Later that night I received a reimbursenent request for all the money he ever lent me.

4 thoughts on “Hey, jealousy

  1. That’s how men get, they get jealous over other men in our lives, even IF we’re, related professionally, or if we’re, platonic friends, it’s just how men, MARK their territories, the way that DOGS had…

    1. yup, 100% accurate. i didn’t humor him i just gave him a time-out. he came around with chocolate 🙂

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