Oh, say! does that star-spangled banner yet wave?

It’s not the first time a guy

has broken out into a patriotic song

after fucking me – but it is the first time

that song was American and i could sing along


I left South Korea for this act of banality

the crying in the bars at the television broadcast

the gestures of sports, which i still dont understand

but the privilege of being able to stop someone

in the street and perform a citizen’s arrest

the right to know what’s wrong and what isn’t

and at times such as this, to feel truly patriotic

in a land, which otherwise, is so disappointing


but it’s good to know you and for you to know me

it is an act of intimacy, otherwise i wouldn’t have just

finished coming- i had a dream that you were stationed

in South Korea and i was visiting. I had a warm honey tea

from the seven eleven and then i asked if we could leave

because that country was so alienating – i just want to be me

i am finished representing every single american each time i sing


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