Where all your ex-girlfriends are secretly laughing at you

I have wanted to live in a small town

since I spent the summer with my father

and he re-introduced me to his best friend, Chris

who, he told me in confidence, used to be handsome

believe it or not, and I didn’t, until I mentioned his name

to my mother, who blushed. My father took me to a local concert

and he and Chris laughed after a song had been played

because, they explained, the singer wrote that song about a tryst

he had with a woman who has since married and moved on

and they pointed her out. She was dancing while her husband

sat silent. They were all in their sixties and I decided

I wanted to curate my own disjointed histories


Tonight, I found an enemy in common with a woman

who said that she was thirty-two now and didn’t care anymore

but this guy had cheated on her with Ariel, who we also both know

and she said “Honey, if he’ll cheat on me, you’ll be next.”

Ariel didn’t listen, but she was right

it happened – then I met that guy ten years later

and he tried to cheat with me on his girlfriend

I imagine someday we’ll all be at a local concert

clucking our tongues at whatever romantic situation

he can wrangle up by the time he’s sixty

secretly flushed with shame, and secretly laughing


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