Roll up your windows and throw a fit, it’s Wednesday

I cannot conjure any human emotions

With which to ask the people

in the liquor store for anything

I got so lost in between my first job

and my second I wound up in the city

And I squandered what humanity I had

left from this morning in the parking lot

Where I sobbed with my forehead

hot across the steering wheel

made myself as small as possible

My legs drawn to my chest

with the windows up screaming

And pounding the dash


When I finally made my way in

My mouth was chewed

into a bloody blackened mess

Like it’s never been kissed or smiled, even

My voice wasted into a harsh whisp

Then out in a monotone when I asked for directions

Several alcoholics asked if I had a GPS, a boyfriend

or at least navigation on my cell phone

I had all of that but none of them

were working for some reason

and my car was rented

So I was just then realizing

how shitty it was driving

Anyways, when they finally told me

I just couldn’t calm down enough to listen

That’s when I remembered to take my medication


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