I didn’t realize that was a qualification

I dreamt I was  teaching a group of young women

how to survive trauma inflicted by men

on the first day, I wrote on the board

“You don’t owe him anything”

and a woman said “Come on

We already knew that

We just need to know

how to be whole again

after it happens”

and everyone agreed

I said “I’m sorry, then

I’m actually not qualified

to teach this class

I can only deal

in fractions”

and I left


14 thoughts on “I didn’t realize that was a qualification

      1. That’s odd. I changed the name recently. Maybe my avatar is linking to the old site? I’ll look into it.

      2. Yeah it says melitalara.wordpress.com is no longer available and the authors have deleted the site when i click on it

      3. Thanks for alerting me to this! I had no idea. I’ve just updated it now so you should be able to click through. Please let me know if it’s working (if you don’t mind of course 😉)

      4. Yes! You are so tech savvy when it said it was “deleted” I feared for you…visiting now!

      5. Squee! Worth it-i was right, your blog is amazing. Glad to see youre already on board with Whisper and the Roar. You are brilliant

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