Yeah, I’m out

Two different women have written

poems about little red riding hood

as it relates to the kavanaugh hearing


The first was short and poignant

and i didnt have the heart to tell her

that the book she wants to write

has already been written

and the last poem shouldn’t

be compared to either of the two

that preceded it. It really wasnt

about anything


I had a bag full of dissembled poetry

a bladder full of piss and the knowledge

that i would be a better person

if i just bought some folders

and i thought about all the excuses

i could make to leave


my cat’s sick

my dog had a surgery

you might not have known this

but i have six kids

and they all have therapists

and all the therapists

are having a meeting


My mother fell down

a well and as you all know

i never particularly liked her

but she wont stop texting me

about how dark it is in there

so i should really go


or i could just, you know,

quietly exit through the door

while everyone’s distracted


The dry shampoo

didnt make a dent this morning

because i dont have time

to get my hair cut or wash it

my exhaustion is written

on my choice of an outfit

a silken scarf peeking out

of a staff sweatshirt for a company

that has never been relevant

the wet spots the rain drizzled

into my ill fitted dress and sneakers


it takes every ounce of empowerment

i have just to get up and go

without owing a reason

i say, Well, that’s it for me but

I hope you all have a nice weekend

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