No more skittles for you

once in a while he will whimper

in his sleep and his little furry legs

will twitch then i wake him up and say

“Honey, youre just dreaming…its ok.”

so he saunters over and curls up next to me


but tonight, wow! he must have been dreaming

of a zombie apolocolypse – he jolted awake

with no warning and barked and howled

at the window and wouldn’t calm down

for five whole minutes. i think it’s because

i walked in on him earlier in the evening

eating a fun sized bag of skittles

and didn’t make it in time to stop him

from now on, all the halloween candy

is going into a locked cabinet

3 thoughts on “No more skittles for you

  1. My dogs would used to dream a lot too, and sometimes, they’d, “talked” in their sleep, and i’d wondered, what they’re dreaming of that’s scarying them so, but i just, patted them, and wake them up, and they usually, fall asleep again, not “talking” in their sleep anymore…

    1. My boyfriend was just saying if you don’t wake him up when he whimpers he’ll go into full on bark mode. I punched him in the head and said “THEN WAKE HIM UP WHEN HE WHIMPERS”

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