Side Gig

I make as much an hour casting spells

for hopeful tourists as I do in an hour of teaching

but half of it is cash so i dont have to claim it

plus when I’m feeling sad, I can just open

my money drawer at home and organize the stacks


There is always a hogwarts style buffet on hand

buffalo pizzas, turkish salads, roasted meats

apple cider and unlimited bottles of water and candy

there are also people who will go around to make sure

you get the chance to eat-though they shouldn’t bother with me

half the time i find a quiet space, pull out a book and read


There are the spells i cast for wishes that come true

the cancer survivors, the love stories, the people who return

there’s the fact that I have my own performance room

and there’s only one other witch-i trained her in spellcasting

she trained me on my corset-we are assets. i know if either one of us

were to get mad and storm off, the show wouldnt go on

so no one is ever allowed to fuck with us

sometimes they do, but mostly they don’t



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