Working as a Modern Witch

So many female employees

come into the spellcasting room

in between performances

to vent about sexual harassment

it feels more like human resources

they are candle lit when they do this

and when i put the incense out

the embers scatter and burn my wrist


it’s not because of the women that I want to quit

traditionally, witchcraft has always been

the profession most oppressed by men

so they’ve chosen a good location

to chat about their feelings

but i also have to admit

the management is difficult

for me to deal with


i told a tour guide

i was thinking of going

with a different company in town

next season but i didnt think

there was another job like this around

she said “Sorry, but Georgia,

what’s your professional title, again?”

“Modern Witch.”

She laughed and said

“Yeah, i dont really think anyone else

in the whole world offers that position.

You might as well just stick with this.”



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