Jack & Marie

He thinks, “Oh, Marie’s all right

She’s not a porn star

but more of a girl next door

and honestly, with my salary

in this suburban city

I wasn’t expecting

to really bag my type

I’ll settle for the pornos

at work and at night

and then you know

on the weekends

we can go bowling

have a drink

watch a movie

and if she’s slow

to put out – maybe it’s

because she’s a Christian

which is actually another

one of my fetishes

so she might be perfect.”


Marie thinks, “I don’t know why

i keep spending time with him

when he places his hand

on the base of my spine

it feels like i have branches

instead of bones and all

my leaves shrivel up

and blow away

to a monastery

where I could shave my head

and become speechless

which is what I feel like doing

whenever I listen

to his friends’ sexist gibberish

and if i cant make it

to the monastery

when he touches me

i still feel like the shaved head

will come in handy

since he kind of makes me want

to become a lesbian

and in this suburban city

with the income i plan

on making i really feel

like i could do anything


what I really want to do

is take away his chance

to  kindle my dead branches

and warm himself

with my company again”




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