These little ways

Because the ceiling is falling down

i perch precariously on the back of a chair

and use electrical tape to hold the tiles in

before i fall onto my back and continue staring up

my vision now pinpricked with points I can’t count and real tears

to match the plumbing on the splotched blue landscape

of my walls decorated poorly with my grandmother’s paintings

the caricature of a best friend i once had and will never see again

and a painting of a disney princess lurking in my half open closet

that last, a gift given by someone so purehearted i cannot imagine

how the burden would lift if we were to switch places

i would gladly give up everything just not to feel this – the crash off the chair

playing on a loop, endless, and leading to a snapshot image

the repetitive one of myself, as someone stupid, shot through the head in the bathtub

with lavendar and epsom salt – oh, these wretched little ways i try to soothe myself



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