Fun at the church social

The Greek women, mostly from the old country

In their pins and fancy sweater dresses

With glitter embedded into their collars

Hold hands and dance following

A line like a snail’s shell

Their clicks of their heels accompany the canes

They don’t seem to need anymore on the dance floor

One of them pulls me in, teaches me the steps and makes me laugh

Then she says “I am a realtor and your aunt and uncle’s dear friend. The church secretary and her husband have a property upstairs. It’s 1700 a month, no pets, but it’s a good thing we met! I’ll talk to them.”

“Oh, that’s way out of our price range and I can’t separate from my dog, but thanks.”

“No, you dont get it-we are family. We all know your uncle, and hey, aren’t we all Greek? I’ll talk to them, you call me.”


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