my boyfriend says “no”
it’s too big, it’s too small
he already has a nice house
which I am not allowed in

my boyfriend fucks me out of every
opportunity ive been given
my boyfriend will be the reason
I end up homeless
and ill never forgive him


2 thoughts on “

  1. Ok by this standard he will not remain your boyfriend any more and my home is always your home ,you are always welcome here Georgia I know it will not be convenient for you but remember that always you are always welcome my dear.

  2. thank you megha-he has been helpful as he can-trying to wash the smoke out of my few clothes and trying to save at least my teddy bear from the condemned house…its not his fault I hate his apartment and that he loves it. neither of us were prepared to give up our independence, but we are trying to make it work. I was frustrated when I wrote this…. probably best he didn’t let me take the first place-it wasn’t safe.

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