Red Cross Blanket

There is no poetry left there is just saying things

Since we left the hotel we are no longer a unit

We have disbanded. I will see Chin again

Who said that after the fire he just laid in the hotel bed

Wrapped in his red cross blanket

Not eating, staring at the ceiling

I will see Bob again because we were always friendly

And I saw the fire bursting out of his window

And the way it caught and stole his light

I put my arm around him then. It was all I could do

I’ll continue to see the rest, too.

But God how I ached to leave that hotel

and go anywhere I could find a bubble bath

I even considered renting one

I was afraid to see anyone else I knew

In this condition. They had to disguise

Their charity and love

And act like i was doing them the favor

They brought up things I’ve done for them

To get me out of my own red cross blanket

And the more I came out, the more I liked it

The more it didnt feel like such a tragic situation

then someone made me a bubble bath, and I sank right in


8 thoughts on “Red Cross Blanket

    1. They are coming out a bit awkward now but i don’t care. Writing helps make sense of things. Thank you Megha ❀

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