its kind of a funny story

I could tell you the saddest stories from the fire
and the funniest. Right now, I feel like the ladder.
On the fifth day, I was exhausted and couldn’t stop crying
and i remembered that my therapist told me
that i have to practice self care. So I said to myself
Georgia, you haven’t done anything for leisure
you havent talked to any friends in a jovial manner
you havent taken a walk, you haven’t read anything
you havent even listened to music. let’s treat
ourself to a nice, hot shower. So, I did
with my little shampoo bottles. but the steam
set the fire alarm off after ten minutes
and i fled to the public hall in my towel
with my dog in my arms, terrified and yowling


4 thoughts on “its kind of a funny story

    1. i know people dont always get my sense of humor….but god sometimes when things are that bad a moment like that just makes you laugh and laugh

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